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Upgraded and Commercial Cleaning Services in Richmond, VA

Taking Cleaning to the Next Level

Looking for an even deeper clean or one that spans a commercial business? Pro Shine’s team has years of combined experience cleaning in a variety of environments. 

Ask us for help maintaining rental properties, cleaning up offices and helping homes of all sizes.

Don’t settle for a space that feels dirty, collects dust or is cluttered and uncomfortable. A deep and thorough professional clean makes a huge difference. Enjoy your space more, impress customers and appease clients. 

Trust Pro Shine for all of your scrubbing, sanitizing and organizing needs. 

Cleaning Services to Help You Manage Your Property

Property managers have a lot on their plate. Running a rental or business location comes with a lot of tasks every single day. 

You don’t have time to run the vacuum, clean out vacated spaces or scrub the sink every day.

Instead, Pro Shine is here to handle it all for you. Our years of experience cleaning guarantees jaw-dropping results. You’ll even notice details that other cleaning services would just skip right by.

Call us for property cleaning services such as:

  • Apartment or rental home cleanings before new tenants arrive
  • Apartment lobby and common area cleanings 
  • Office building cleanings
  • Commercial facility cleanings
  • Retail store deep cleanings 

Scale Your Cleanings for Ideal Results

Each home and business has different cleaning needs. They may even change from week to week. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for properly taking care of a building. Instead, Pro Shine allows you to shrink services down or build on them to help accommodate your budget and your cleaning goals. 

Pro Shine can add the following services to our standard or deep cleanings for an extra fee: 

  • Dish washing
  • Oven cleaning
  • Interior fridge cleaning
  • Cleaning outside and inside of your windows

If you’re looking for smaller and lighter cleaning options, our team has you covered. Busy schedules or mobility issues make it difficult to cover some of the basic cleanings needs at home. 

Pro Shine can come by on a regular basis to help with things such as floors, dishes or dusting. When in doubt, give us a call to see how our experienced, professional and trustworthy cleaning team can help. 

Pass the Cleaning Onto Richmond’s Best

For Pro Shine, cleaning isn’t a chore, it’s a skill and a passion. Let us tackle your toughest messes so you can focus on yourself, your family and your responsibilities.

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